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3 a). 47 self-contained no prior or subsequent processing steps are needed to initiate or complete the Functional User Requirement(s) EXAMPLE The Functional User Requirement states that an employee is to be both added and updated. There might be multiple parts that make up the complete employee information. This can be represented by separate physical screens, windows or tabs such as — Employee identification, — Employee location, — Dependent information, — Salary information, and — Education. To add an employee, one or more of the tabs must be completed, depending on the business rules.

A development project functional size shall be calculated using Formula (1): DFP = ADD + CFP (1) where DFP is the development project function point count; ADD is the size of the functions to be delivered to the user by the development project; CFP is the size of the conversion functionality. An application functional size from a measurement after the development project or at any time during the application’s life cycle shall be calculated using Formula (2): AFP = ADD (2) where AFP is the application function point count; ADD is the size of the functions to be delivered to the user by the development project (excluding the size of any conversion functionality) or the functionality that exists whenever the application is counted.

2. Mathematical formulas and calculations are performed EXAMPLE 2 When reporting on all employees within an organization the process includes calculating the total number of salaried employees, hourly employees and all employees. 3. Equivalent values are converted EXAMPLE 3 Employee age is converted to an age range group using a table. 4. Data is filtered and selected by using specified criteria to compare multiple sets of data EXAMPLE 4 To generate a list of employees by their assignment, an elementary process compares the job number of a job assignment to select and list the appropriate employees with that assignment.

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